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SEPTEMBER Prayer Requests

Prayer Laborers,

This month please pray for progress toward our 2023 goals. Thank you for interceding on behalf of Courage Youth staff, platforms and, most importantly, Courage Youth learners.

- Courage Youth Lead Team, Life Coaches & Management Committee


● Goal: To increase participation to 1750.

● Progress: We have low intake of members due to time constraints of staff and at schools.

● Petition: We pray for divine multiplication of members (John 21:6).


● Goal: To finish Career Liftoff Interest Inventory (CLII) assessments1 at at least two schools.

● Progress: 100 learners have completed the CLII assessment to date.

● Petition: To have resources (laptops) to successfully fulfill the goal.


● Goal: Obtain South African funding.

● Progress: Proposal for funding is being finalized.

● Petition: Pray for God’s favor with South African funders. Pray for timely approval of SAHAC’s Section 18(a) application. Approval will enable SAHAC to issue tax deductible receipts to donors which will be important to Corporate and Foundation donors.

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