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Prayer Requests for Courage Youth - April 2023

Prayer Laborers,

This month please pray for progress toward our 2023 goals. Thank you for interceding on behalf of Courage Youth programs, staff, and, most importantly, Courage Youth learners. Let us know if you have questions.

- Courage Youth Lead Team, Life Coaches & Management Committee


● Goal: Establish a fruitful and solid relationship with teachers who have been trained and

certified in Life at the CrossRoads curriculum in 2022 to aid in our goal to increase our

presence in Life Orientation classes.

● Progress: We have at least two Life Orientation teachers per school who have been trained

and certified in Life at the CrossRoads curriculum and all 14 teachers are still posted to teach

Life Orientation. (Teachers can be rotated in and out of Life Orientation assignments annually).

● Request: For patience in working together, working with understanding and compassion in our hearts, and avoiding rude or arrogant towards one another as we light the way for the learners.


● Goal: Start Bible study with parents of learners as one way of building a Courage Community platform.

● Progress: We have now established a formal Bible Study with parents at Sicelo. The monthly

contributions are consistent and steadily increasing. We have nine parents who are consistent

attendees of the monthly meetings. We have included the Bible Study and Evergreen Parenting

lessons in our interaction.

● Request: For parents to learn more of the Word of God and develop a personal relationship

with Him.


● Goal: Minister promptly to the emotional needs of Learners.

● Progress: Counselling has been narrowed down to Courage Youth Learners only.

● Request: For God’s wisdom to help in problematic issues like sexual assaults among the



● Goal: Do Career Liftoff Interest Inventory (CLII) assessments at our junior highs and high

schools beginning in Term 2

● Progress: Term 2 begins April 12, so we have not started yet

● Request: To be able to complete assessments for all schools before the end of third term

(September 29).


● Goal: All staff to regroup following the recent structural changes.*

● Progress: The core work of the ministry, teaching character development and discipleship to

Learners, is continuing through Class and Club interactions.

● Request: Unity of heart among all staff members to accomplish what God has called Courage Youth to accomplish in Soweto.


● Goal: To secure funding that equals or exceeds the revised budget projections.

● Progress: Revenue through March is on track, though not compensating for the year end giving gap.

● Request: For funding to exceed the revised budget projections to a level we are able to restore Life Coach hours to previous levels.

The Courage Youth Team

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.

Joshua 1:9

*In order to reach a 2023 budget revised to reflect reduced year end giving, we are paring back to Courge Youth’s essential ministry core: life skills development and discipleship delivered in schools. As a result, we have eliminated two Lead Team positions, concluded our elementary school pilot test, and placed what we hope is a temporary limit on Life Coach hours per month. Eve Sella has turned over Managing Director responsibilities to Chris Mokhachane, and will remain SAHAC’s Accounting Officer and Director. In the end, we conclude the steps we have chosen are constructive pruning and the Courage Youth Movement will emerge stronger as a result.

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