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OCTOBER Prayer Requests

Hello, This month we travel to South Africa for our annual meetings. We hope that you will keep us in your prayers along with the Courage Youth requests you will find below.

Thank you.


SAHAC/Courage Youth (from Managing Director Chris Mokhachane)

--A clear assessment and appreciation of what was achieved this year in the midst of challenges. (The year began with significant budget pruning and restructuring due to reduced year end giving to encompassKids, primary funding source for SAHAC, and included another management change with Chris's promotion to Managing Director.)

--A clear view and planning for excellence in execution of our core transformation model in the year ahead: Teach life skills. Build community. Make disciples of Jesus. Prepare youth for a life of work and ministry.

--The schedule for the week of meetings is provided at a link below.

Setshabelo Family and Child Services

--Productive discussions with the SFCS Board. We will be reviewing progress and next steps on organization development work identified during our meetings in July.

--Wisdom whether or not SFCS should renew large government contracts accepted this year for prevention and early intervention services for children (see link to Risiha Program below). On the one hand, these are desparately needed services. On the other hand, the magnitude of the contracts has taxed SFCS's ability to staff and adequately supervise the projects. Further, overheads built into the contracts have been insufficient to cover program administration so the additional costs have come at the expense of the SFCS operating budget.

--Follow up on July discussions with the staff would reinforce the agency they possess to determine the SFCS internal culture and the resultaint impact on clients and community.

Calvin University

--Lauren's travels will give her clear perspective on opportunities and challenges of univeristy recruiting in South Africa.

--Her discussions with school management and students would lift their sights on tertiary education in general and the possibility of education abroad.


--Safety and health in international and local travel for all involved.


  • Praise: We thank God for a good third school term. (Ebenezer)

  • Petition: Heading towards the last term of the year, we are planning for a year-end Courage Youth concert titled UN-Heard. We pray for God's divine presence. May the concert bring about good impact and restoration in the lives of learners, parents, and community.


  • Praise: For growth in Discovery Group Discipleship attendance and participation of Learners

  • Petition: Pray for learners' emotional challenges and against a spirit of suicide


  • Praise: We thank God that we managed to complete CLii assessment of 101 learners by the end of the third term

  • Petition: Prayer for God to help me finish CLii assessments for all our Grade 9 and Grade 12 learners by the end of the year

LEAD TEAM - Chris, Tumi, Mpumi

  • Praise: Gradual positive change in organization culture.

  • Petition: Unity of heart among Courage Youth staff members.

(Ebenezer): Ebenezer is a Hebrew word that means "stone of help." It has become synonymous with the idea of God reaching down to lend a helping hand to those most in need. I Samuel 7:12.

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