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Sphiwe Khumalo's Story

How Courage Youth helped me and my family

*written by Sphiwe*

Courage Youth
Sphiwe Khumalo

Courage Youth helped me in so many ways. It helped me to stop living a life of crime, and the young gangsterism that I involved myself in for the past three years. It gave me closure and taught me that it's going to be alright and helped me heal emotionally.

It helped me get enough courage to overcome any fear that I face in my life. Courage Youth is not just a club for people to join, but it's the time that is chosen by God, that even in the 45 minutes we spend talking about His word He grants us blessings. And Courage Youth helped me re-engage myself more with God.

Courage Youth
Sphiwe (middle) with Life Coach Thobs (left) and Life Coach Tseole (right)

Courage Youth helped my family in many ways. First, it helped my mother feel less worried because of the benefits that Courage Youth gave me, and she knew that with these benefits given to me I may never go hungry. Courage Youth helped me by making my family what I always wanted it to be: a loving and happy family.

Courage Youth restored and made by family laugh, smile, rejoice, and gave it the love that a family must have in order for it to look after each other. Before I changed my ways I was really sure that my family would always be a family full of fear, mister, and pain that I caused. But thanks to Courage Youth that all changed.

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