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Prayer Requests - Spring 2023

Dear Partners in Ministry,

We are beginning a new year of work with our Lord in South Africa and want to share our plans for ministry in 2023. First, we are very certain that God is working through encompassKids and the Setshabelo and Courage Youth programs to meet important needs for children and families in South African communities. We continue to see strong recognition of the impact our programs are having in the lives of kids and families from the local church, community, school, and governmental agencies.

A record of over 7,000 KIDS, ADULTS, AND FAMILIES BENEFITED IN 2022. Setshabelo received national recognition for their work and leadership in combating domestic violence and abuse in the country.

Our financial plan for 2022 tracked well for the first three quarters, but then fell short in the fourth. Our desire was to maintain and even grow the impact of Setshabelo and Courage Youth in 2023, but with the current economic uncertainty, we recognized that we needed to plan for program reductions of 20% in 2023 to ensure ongoing sustainability. Unfortunately, this requires reducing both staff and program costs.

We ask for your prayers for God’s provision so that the leadership of these programs doesn’t have to cut back on the wonderful initiatives they are following, through God, in South Africa.

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