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Not One, but TWO!

This beautiful adoption story is sure to warm your hearts. This incredible woman adopted not one, but TWO beautiful children. While not related by blood, the two children bonded while at the children's home.

Onalerona, which means "God is With Us," was abandoned by his mother after birth and grew up in the children's home. He is now 6 years old. The little girl, Linamandla, which means "It Has Power," is just 4 months old. Her mother gave her up for adoption just after she was born.

The two children lived together at the same children's home, CYCC. From the first day they met, Onalerona became attached to Linamandla. When Ms Stephen visited, she observed their special bond, and did not want to separate the two. As luck would have it, she wanted to adopt two siblings anyway! Now, thanks to God, Ms Stephen has a full family and these two children have found a forever home together.

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1 Comment

Jan 23

This is such a beautiful story and such a beautiful family!

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