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Mbiyo Triplets Launch Law Careers

My name is Esihle. My name is Sinovuyo. My name is Sisipho, and we are triplets. We have been a part of SAHAC Courage Youth for the past five years, and we are now doing our first year in Bachelor of Law at the University of Free State. We joined SAHAC during grade 8 and from there it has been our home. SAHAC has empowered us and helped us to grow.

The love we get from this organization is amazing. What we took from SAHAC is that family is everything. It is really important for us to love and support one another. SAHAC has played a very fundamental role in our lives. It has shaped the people we are today.

We found brothers, sisters, mothers, and most importantly, we found people that we could confide in. The love and support that we get from SAHAC is everything. Thoughtful and unselfish are definitely the first words that I can think of when I think of this organization, when I think of SAHAC.

Thank you very much for going the extra mile. For all of us that depend on SAHAC, we simply couldn’t be more grateful. And thank you for everything! We appreciate you!

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