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JUNE Prayer Requests

Prayer Labourers,

This month please pray along with our Learner Leader requests. Thank you for interceding on behalf of Courage Youth staff, platforms and, most importantly, Courage Youth learners.

Courage Youth Lead Team, Life Coaches & Management Committee

I. Kwa-Ntsikana Junior high

Kwa-Ntsikana Leaders

● Praise: We are grateful for our Courage Youth Life Coaches (Thobile and Tsheole). Ephesians 6:1-3

● Petition

o To have a bright future.

o For our dreams to come true (education, family, friends).

II. Lofentse Girls High

Mihle Gwama

● Praise: Thank you for salvation and all the lovely people in our lives, especially Life Coaches and parents.

● Petition: Please be with us through our exams and help us excel in them. Philippians 4:13

Tumelo Mthombeni

● Praise: Lord, thank you for everything in our lives known and unknown. John 3:16

● Petition: Request for leadership in times of sorrow and battles. John 16:24

III. Letsibogo Girls High

Kelesego Mogorisi

● Praise: I am thankful for a supportive mother.

● Petition: Pray for happiness and a better future.

Mbali Dlamini

● Praise: I am thankful for God’s precious blessings in my life.

● Petition: Pray that God gives me the courage and capacity to make the adjustments needed to move me to the next level.

Fhulufhelo Ramuhashi

● Praise: I am thankful for my family, God, and the love I have been given by Courage Youth Life Coaches and members.

● Petition: I pray for success and to pass my Grade 9.

Olwethu Ngwenya

● Praise: I am thankful for the family that I have and God in my life.

● Petition: I pray for better days in my life and to achieve in my life all my dreams, for respect and a bright future.

IV. Selelekela Secondary School

Selelekela Leaders

● Praise: Thanking God for the study skills training. It has assisted learners during this exam time.

● Petition: For learners to pass June exams and also to cope with the pressure of studying.

V. Mafori Mphahlele Secondary school

Justice Litseo - G10

● Praise: Thank God for his word and the opportunity he gave me to be part of Courage Youth Club.

● Petition: For my parents to reconcile and be a happy family once again.

Neo Baholo - G10

Praise: Grateful for life and for my parents.

Petition: Prayer for my mom to find a job.

Mervin Sweetie - G10

● Praise: Grateful for the gift of life and God’s protection upon my life and family.

● Petition: For God to help me finish my studies and pass with good marks.

Bontle Letawana

● Praise: Thank God that I still have family together.

● Petition: For God to bring all my family together again.

VI. Bona Secondary School

Aphiwe Dyosiba

● Praise: Grateful to be in school.

● Petition: For my guardian to find permanent employment.

Puseletso Mthembu

● Praise: Grateful for my parents.

● Petition: To overcome depression and anxiety.

Sithandiwe Ndzimande

● Praise: No illness in my life

● Petition: To pass Grade 11.

Ngcanga Mkhize

● Praise: Grateful for my mom.

● Petition: For a better situation at home and for Mom to get the job she has been praying for.

VII. Orlando High School


● Praise: We are grateful we have parents and Life Coaches.

● Petition: To pass all our exams well .


● Praise: I am thankful to be a leader in the Courage Youth Club.

● Petition: To have strength in studying and applying techniques I learned at the Study Skills workshop, especially to set my own timetable.

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do

not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go. Joshua 1:9

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