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A Letter of Hope

This beautiful letter was written by Thandeka Magubane, a SAHAC graduate.

"Greetings to whom it may concern.

My name is Thandeka and my surname is Magubane, I am 19 years old age. I am currently doing my second year at the University of Witwatersrand. I am currently writing this letter to explain the impact that SAHAC has done in my life.

I started attending SAHAC in 2016 where I was doing my grade 8 and schooling Letsibogo Girls High. I do not want to lie I only attended SAHAC with hopes to find entertainment after school as I did not participate in any sports activities or group activities like a choir or a debating club. Little did I know, I will find a home away from home.

Quite speaking, I thought I had a hard childhood until I attended SAHAC and I saw that people are facing worse issues than I am and I learned to accept every lemon that life throws at me and I make sure to turn it into lemonade. It’s true that God will never give you a battle that is beyond you. SAHAC made me accept that everything happens for a reason.

I remember in 2017, we went to a camp. We as teens went there for fun but we had the most life changing experience ever. Reason why I say this is because I for one, went to the camp to run away from family issues only to have a session with facilities where they made us face those same issues and funny enough I even remember the song the played in the background, it was “Way maker” by Sinach.

They made us scream and cry and talk out all the anger we have been keeping inside. They did not know how that helped us, all of us. We all realized we had issues that we never sorted. I for one had daddies issues I kept running away from, I also had issues where I become a mother to my younger sister cause my mom was always working, I also had to become a mother to my own mother when she lost her job.

I am thankful for the food parcels that I received throughout the Covid 19 period, they helped my family a lot. I am thankful for the sessions that made me face my fears. I am thankful for the camps that made us embrace our beauty and I am grateful that I got the chance to share my journey, I hope it does help someone out there."

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